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Advancing a nexus approach to the sustainable management of water, soil and waste
November 28, 2013

Interconnected management of the resources water, soil and waste is suited to deal with some of these implications. The participants agreed that the global trends in demography, urbanization and climate will speed up the process of implementing the nexus approach to cope with these trends and the resulting challenges. In this context, it was discussed that models and tools are available or at least already defined to support the integrated management of environmental resources. However, the parameterization and calibration of the models might be difficult because of a lack of input data and monitoring data. The participants agreed that a lack of skilled governance and education hampers the implementation of interconnected management. But it was concluded that capacity development at the individual and institutional level may help to overcome this problem.

The contributors disagreed about the need for more research on the Nexus. But there was a common understanding that waiting for new research results would be a waste of time. Instead, rethinking existing research results from a nexus perspective might be an initial point for taking action. (international kickoff workshop, United Nations University, Dresden,Germany), 11-12 November 2013,

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