WFO (World Farmers Organisation)

The mission of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) is to bring together national agricultural producer organisations and agricultural producer cooperative organisations to create policies and advocate on world farmers’ behalf, in order to improve the economic situation and livelihood of producers, their families and rural communities.

The improvement of farmers’ livelihoods and the economic viability of rural communities around the world is vital given that farmers’ incomes are often 50% or less than average incomes. The second main objective is to contribute to world food security by facilitating cooperation between member organisations. It is crucial given that world food demand is expected to increase by at least 70% by 2050 and market volatility is on the increase.

Other objectives of the WFO include facilitating the organisation of agricultural producers and enabling them to improve their positioning within the food supply chain. This will help farmers and agri-cooperatives to manage the extreme price volatility and get a better return from the market. The objectives also include ensuring coherence with other agriculture related activities, such as forestry, aquaculture, environment, trade, research and education. Finally, the Organisation aims to encourage farmers’ involvement in sustainable rural development, the environment and new arising challenges, such as climate change and the renewal of generations. (WFO,2012)


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