Family Farming

43% of the active world population is employed in agriculture. The percentage is increased to 53% in developing countries. In sub-Sahara Africa, 80% of farms are family owned and worked. On a world level 1500 million homes live from farming.

But Family Farming is much more than an agricultural economy model: it is the basis of the sustainable production of food, of the management of the environment and its biodiversity, a fountain of the important cultural dimensions of each people, a fundamental pillar in the integral development of nations.

Family Farming has to face a series of challenges: the difficulty of access to resources and raw materials, the aging of the population and the lack of generational take-over (abandoning of the land by children), lack of commercialising, training and financial services, price volatility, little or no participation in decision- making processes, etc. All this reflects the lack of recognition of the strategic role it carries out.

The data speaks for itself: in developing countries 3 of every four poor people live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their subsistence. Women own less than 2% of the land and receive less than 5% of the meagre technical assistance provided to farmers.

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The food crisis which we have in recent years has brought a tendency change, causing a certain international interest in Family Farming. There is, before us, a unique opportunity to re-launch Family Farming in the world.(International Year of Family Farming Campaign, Granja Modelo s/n – 01192 ARKAUTE (Araba) – Tel: + 945 12 13 24 – Fax: + 34 945 28 14 22  –


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