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After Years of Solitude in Jordan, Prabowo Subianto runs for President.
April 3, 2009

Rabu, 19 November 2008, 10:34 WIB
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He spoke in front of hundreds of administrators of Gerindra Party (Great Indonesia Movement Party). In short, he stated that he is joining Gerindra’s struggle in the next General Elections. In response, they cheered, “Long live Prabowo! Long live Gerindra!!” Their cheering was referred to Prabowo Subianto, formerly the Commander of the Indonesian Army Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad). From then on, Prabowo no longer hesitated in reaffirming his stance on running for President in the 2009 elections.

Prabowo’s Journey

Born in Jakarta on 17 October 1951, Prabowo Subianto Djojohadikusumo is the third child of Sumitro Djojohadikusuma and Dora Sigar. Prabowo spent his childhood and part of his teenage years on the run. His father fled from Indonesia due to a difference of opinion with then President Soekarno.

Prabowo was the academy’s valedictorian of 1974. Two years later, Prabowo became the platoon commander of the Para Commando first group of the Sandy Yudha Command Force (Kopassandha) to be assigned to East Timor as part of the Naggala team. In 1977, Prabowo was the Company Commander of the Para Commando first group Kopassandha, with the rank of First Lieutenant.

After three years, he was assigned to participate in an anti-terrorist training in Fort Braggs, United States of America. In 1981, Prabowo carved an outstanding achievement as the best graduate on the GSG-9 Anti Terrorist training in West Germany. 1983, Prabowo was Vice Commander of the 81st Detachment of Indonesian Military Special Force (KOPASSUS). After that, he obtained various military achievements. In 1995, he was trusted to become the General of the Indonesian Military Special Force (KOPASSUS). It was then that Prabowo was accused of being responsible for the kidnappings and disappearance of several activists, which was done by a team called “Tim Mawar” (the “Rose Team”). To this day, the victims are still nowhere to be found.

From the Market to the Palace

After being discharged from the military, Prabowo went to Jordan. He obtained citizenship status there and was treated well by the King of Jordan, a friend of his during military training. In Jordan he entered the business world. Three years later, he returned to Indonesia.

On the Fourth National Convention of the HKTI, and the fifth Farmers Congress on 5th December 2004, he was elected as Chairman of HKTI for the 2004-2009 period. He replaced Siswono Yudho Husodo, with a vote of 309, defeating HKTI Secretary General Agusdin Pulungan, who only received 15 votes, and one abstain, from a total of 325 votes.

Now, Prabowo’s name is more familiar in the ears of the people and he would perhaps have a chance as Indonesia’s president, not just a president of farmers. That said, Prabowo’s new saying is, “I am Prabowo Subianto, for the new Indonesia!”

Translated by: Archie Ardian, Ramona Sofianne Dewi
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